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Tantissimi complimenti ai nostri Polaroiders in mostra con le loro Transparencies dal 1 al 29 settembre presso l’Impossible Project Space di Vienna!

Since the very creative Impossible beginning the Transparency Technique has been one of the most beloved methods – easy, with astonishing results and loads of fun that is only possible with real analog instant material. 

Featuring the very first Impossible Transparencies ever created, this exhibition shows the work of the Impossible Transparencies Competition winners. 

For luminous presentation the Impossible Magnetic LED Frames will turn the Impossible Project Space Vienna into a mysterious yet bright place. 

The Photographers:

  • Alan Marcheselli
  • Bernd F. Oehmen
  • Britta Hershman
  • Carmen Palermo
  • Cherry Collins
  • Frank Merath
  • Frederic Vinolas 
  • Gian Guido Zurli
  • Hervé Benz
  • James Matthew Carroll
  • Jon Jekel
  • Li Ang
  • Luca Tommaso Cordoni
  • Lucile le Doze
  • Michael Collins
  • Mik Boitier
  • Monica Saviron
  • Noah Kolb
  • Stefano Tirelli
  • Susanne Melanie Berry
  • Teodora Stoica

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